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castle_crack's Journal

A Organization XIII Crack Roleplay
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All Members , Moderated
This is an Organization XIII crack RP...just what it says. It's an RP forum, where Marluxia is free to rant to Axel about what type of nail polish to put on, where Axel harasses Xemnas with a certain anagram, and the Orgy members can express themselves in whatever ways their RP-er feels necessary.


1. Absolutely NO god-moding.
2. Please be kind to other characters. Although your character may not always get along with the others, try not to hold character grudges or gang up on one particular role.
3. Be fair to each other, try and spread the love. Don't make all the events happen about one particular character.
4. When speaking OOC use brackets like so: [OMG I spilled noodles all over my shirt! o=]
5. We are yuri/yaoi/hentai friendly!
6. Try and be active. If you're going to be gone, or not able to post for an extended period of time, please let make a note! ^^
7. After you get accepted, please make an RP journal.
8. HAVE FUN! We love crack, because it makes things interesting. :D