VI. Zexion (scentedschemer) wrote in castle_crack,
VI. Zexion

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Holy Sugarpops, Sorry

Wow, okay. Since I just got cavechan's email... or, maybe it'd be better to say I finally had time to sit down and actually, like, read it... I can apologize. I forgot all about you guys in the wake of life deciding it's time for me to actually have one.

Between school, SAT test prep, the journalism trip, the Nicaragua project, etc, etc, I don't have time for much else. So you can consider this my painful resignation from this RP. I had a lot of fun with you guys and I hope you find another Zexion with more time and even more crackish than I am because I love you all and you've all been great. Later, ya'll! *waves*
Tags: ooc
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