Roxas #13 (roxas_spice) wrote in castle_crack,
Roxas #13

Where is everyone?

I know some people have been busy and life and crap happen and all, but (and I'm sure you've noticed) we seem to be dying a bit.

I think we should find out where everyone is. If people haven't been active; do they want to continue? Don't make an excuse and say you'll be back, if you won't be back. I'm worried about you guys. =( There's nothing to be ashamed about; this is supposed to be a fun, crack RP. Its not your school nor job. But its still kind of important because if you say you'll post, then don't (and I mean for like weeks or months, not a couple days) then seriously, you are letting people down. :( And if you don't want to continue, don't leave us hanging. Just say that life got you, or you have no more inspiration, etc and we'll understand. I promise.

I think we should start with a new rule. Everyone should post something at least once a week. (Journal entry, scenario post or reply, RL sucks, etc.)

I'm taking it upon myself to do a

Xemnas - Active
Xigbar - Active
Xaldin - Dead; finding new player
Vexen - Active
Lexaeus - Active
Zexion - Somewhat active?
Saïx - Active
Axel - Dead; finding new player Found new player!
Demyx - Active
Luxord - Dead; finding new player
Marluxia - Active
Larxene - Dead; finding new player
Roxas - Active

If anyone knows about anyone, then post here. If you don't want to continue for some reason, post here(If you don't want to give a reason; then don't feel pressured).

Update: Welcome new Saïx!
Tags: file tracking, ooc
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